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March 04, 2011



That is horrible! But, your painting is beautiful! I hope you are feeling better my dear friend.


The exact same thing happened to me a few moments ago. I drank daffodil water by accident and had the same reaction. I Googled 'drinking daffodil water' and your post came up. I hope I feel fine soon too...

Carol Maguire

Oh Sarah.....I am so sorry.....it did take me a couple of days to feel all better. I just did sips of water for the first day...then chicken noodle soup and a yogurt drink the second. I really treated it like food poisoning.
Hope you feel better soon! Let me know.

Brittany L Ashley

Yikes, I just did the same thing...only had a gulp of water though. I hope I don't get sick.... YIKES!!! Wish me luck!

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